A New Way to Pay

Something has become painfully obvious: you need a new way to pay legal fees.

I have worked in family court with clients from all walks of life – different ages, income levels, and life goals.

  • Some were ready and able to pay retainers in cash, while others have struggled to make ends meet.
  • Many came to me desperate for immediate help, while others just needed some paperwork pushed through the system.
  • Some stayed closely involved with their cases, and some did not follow my advice at all.

I’ve had the honor of working with a true spectrum of people at the most difficult times in their lives. Despite all the differences, though, one thing has been consistent in almost everyone I have represented in family court: frustration about money.

  • One month, we are drafting documents and paying filing fees, so legal fees are high.
  • If we have a month of waiting for service and responsive pleadings, fees may be lower.
  • There is no telling how much time your lawyer will spend on emails, phone calls, and facilitating settlement negotiations. You quite literally give your lawyer a blank check to work your case.
  • If a testimony hearing or trial comes up, then you may need to pay large lump sums immediately. Asking to delay things while you save up the money could impact the overall outcome of your case.

If you feel anxiety about your case, you may need to get your lawyer on the phone regularly just to make sure everything is going smoothly. This can make your bill can skyrocket in no time, even if there is no movement in court.

Combined with the normal ups and downs of family court, it’s no mystery why you are so frustrated with legal fees. Even if you chose the right lawyer, you have no idea how much your case is going to cost out-of-pocket before you have a resolution.

Let’s fix this

As a lawyer, I will tell you this: it is hard to break the mold. When all of our colleagues bill a certain way and the competition is based on an hourly rate, it is common to go with the norm so that clients can compare apples to apples when choosing a lawyer.

While it may be common, I do not think it is the best way to operate.
And according to a poll I recently did on Facebook, you made it clear that you need another way.

So, I am giving you a new way to pay.

For the month of March 2021, when you retain legal services at The Lien Law Firm, you will have a choice of how you are billed.

Option #1: Put down a retainer and pay an hourly rate, just like my profession has been doing for years.

Option #2: Pay a monthly subscription fee, where you will pay a consistent amount each month. You are guaranteed weekly check-ins with your lawyer about the progress of your case.

Regardless of which option you choose, I will work with you in the exact same way.

As your lawyer, it is my job to do everything I can to help you achieve success. I hate when you stress about legal fees because I know that you have enough other things to focus on. I hope that this new way to pay helps alleviate one area of stress so we can focus on your real goals in family court.

To speak with Rachna about your case and determine if you are a good fit for legal representation at The Lien Law Firm, LLC, please follow this link to schedule a complimentary case review call.