Resolving Conflict at its Core

At The Lien Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping you resolve whatever is holding you back from reaching your long-term goals. We believe very strongly in helping you not just solve a problem on its surface, but resolving the core of the conflict so that you can truly move forward.

Who We Are
Rachna Lien is dedicated to helping people access the tools the legal system has to offer in settling disputes and overcoming challenging situations. Click here to learn more about Rachna and what drives her to fight for the success of her clients.

What We Do
We are committed to letting clients choose what kind of legal help they need. At The Lien Law Firm, we offer both traditional attorney-client representation as well as legal coaching for individuals who represent themselves in court. Our main practice area is family law including divorce, child custody, and child support.

Giving Back to the Community
The Lien Law Firm is dedicated to giving back to the community and providing legal services to those in need. Clients who successfully complete a case with our firm have the opportunity to choose a charity of their choice for us to support with a financial contribution in their honor.


Let’s talk!
Want to talk to a lawyer? You can call our office at 314-722-8557 or follow this link to schedule a complimentary phone consultation.