Legal Services

We work differently from most lawyers.

Unlike most lawyers, we do not charge retainers and hourly fees. Our goal is simple: We want to make legal help accessible, affordable, and valuable to you. In order to do this, we need to be different from most other lawyers out there.

To work with a lawyer at our firm, follow the 2 steps outlined below.

Step 1: Schedule a Working Session

The fastest and most effective way to get legal help is to schedule a working session. At this 90-minute session, we will take a deep dive into what’s going on and what you need to move forward. This session gives you a lawyer’s undivided attention so you have their knowledge and experience at your fingertips. If you are up against a deadline, then your working session can include actual legal work like drafting documents, writing letters, and researching the law.

If that one session is all you need, then we will wish you the best and keep in touch in case you ever need us again. If you need ongoing legal help, then we will go over your options in Step 2.

Working sessions are available for family law, adoption, and small business matters. Click here for more information and a full list of working sessions.

Not sure which session to book?
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Step 2: Choose Your Follow-Up

After your first working session, you have several choices for ongoing legal help. Which option you choose will largely depend on your goals and the nature of your legal situation.

Option #1: Working Sessions As-Needed

Book working sessions whenever you need them for help with a specific step of your case. In between, you handle all aspects of your legal matters on your own. This is ideal for clients who have a good handle on their situation but need help when they get stuck.

Option #2: Pro Se Coaching

Pro se coaching helps you represent yourself in court with the benefit of an experienced lawyer by your side. Clients meet with a lawyer at least once a month to answer questions, develop strategy, and teach you how to work your case. In between sessions, you have access to an exclusive client portal where you can access resources specific to your legal matter and exchange quick messages with your lawyer.

Pro se coaching is ideal for clients who want to represent themselves in court but need help understanding legal processes and procedures along the way. Pro se coaching clients get priority in hiring our attorney to represent them if they get overwhelmed representing themselves.

Option #3: Flat Fee Representation

For cases that are not contested, full-service legal representation is available for a one-time flat fee. Our flat fee includes your court filing fees, service fees, and other common fees and costs so that you just make one easy payment to cover all aspects of your case.

Common non-contested cases include name changes, divorce, child custody and/or support (including modification), and adoption.

Option #4: Litigation

If you have a contested matter that needs to be litigated, then a lawyer can represent you in a traditional attorney-client relationship. Clients meet with a lawyer at least once a week to discuss case updates and make important decisions. In between, your lawyer manages all aspects of your case and communicates with you using a secure client portal.

Space is extremely limited for clients who want our attorney to represent them in court. If you are interested in hiring our firm for legal representation in litigation, do not delay in scheduling your first working session.

“I have felt overwhelmed and often didn’t know where to turn. These situations cause a lot of stress and anxiety, and scheduling the appointment with The Lien Law Firm was easy. I would recommend to anyone looking for legal advice.”

~ Becky C.

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