Pro Se Coaching

Be your own best advocate with a legal coach.

The term pro se is Latin for “in one own’s behalf.” It is the legal term for someone who is representing themself in court. Pro se coaching allows you to represent yourself with the benefit of having a lawyer on call to answer questions and give you legal advice whenever you need it. It is a way of maintaining complete control over your legal situation while still getting the benefit of an experienced lawyer by your side.

How does the pro se coaching program work?

At The Lien Law Firm, our pro se coaching program is a combination of structured and on-demand components designed to help you represent yourself in court. Your membership includes:

  • Monthly one-on-one coaching sessions between you and a lawyer, with additional sessions available as-needed at a special rate
  • An online portal where you can share documents and exchange quick messages with your legal coach in between sessions

What can we do at a coaching session?

The short answer is: anything you want to do! Coaching sessions are your chance to talk with a lawyer and learn how to keep your case moving. Clients frequently use their sessions for the following:

  • Preparing for a hearing
  • Developing strategy for settlement
  • Doing paperwork
  • Drafting legal documents
  • Drafting letters or emails
  • Asking questions and getting honest answers

The point of coaching is to make sure you have all the information and answers you need. The sessions can be tailored accordingly.

Do I qualify for Pro Se Coaching at The Lien Law Firm?

You may qualify for coaching if you have a family court case in St. Louis County, Missouri. Cases in other jurisdictions around the Greater St. Louis area may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Legal coaching is not available outside the State of Missouri.

Is pro se coaching right for me?

Coaching may be right for you if any of the following apply:

  • You are confident representing yourself in court but need someone knowledgeable to help you prepare
  • Your case is relatively short and/or simple
  • You want truly individualized legal help on your own terms
  • You cannot afford to hire a lawyer to represent you, or need help with preliminary stages of your case while you save money

Clients like coaching because:

  • You maintain complete control over how your case is handled
  • A lawyer is available when you need one, but you do not pay for any background work (emails, phone calls, etc.)
  • You feel empowered when representing yourself in court
  • You get the unique attention you need exactly when you need it
  • You do not need to chase down your lawyer to find out the status of your case, because you always know exactly where things stand

Can I work with a legal coach if my case is already closed?

If you anticipate going back to court in the future, then working with a legal coach regularly can help you keep the best possible evidence along the way. We recommend coaching for clients who have high-conflict relationships with a co-parent and/or complicated court orders that you are responsible for implementing. Clients can do pro se coaching in between court cases even if they choose not to represent themselves in court when a case is actually filed.

Fees & Financing

Membership in the pro se coaching program is $497 for the first month and $297/month after that. Your membership fee includes:

  • A monthly 30-minute coaching call with a lawyer to discuss the specifics of your case and answer questions
  • Developing and constantly revising an action plan and strategy to reach your goals
  • A secure online portal where you can chat with a lawyer, share documents, and keep track of important dates and deadlines
  • Access to unlimited additional coaching sessions at a special rate reserved for pro se clients

Coaching clients are required to authorize an automatic payment of their membership fee each month via credit or debit card. You may withdraw from the program at any time.

Getting Started

If you have more questions or are ready to join the coaching program, click the button below to schedule an intake appointment with our lawyer.