Mediation gives you the chance to reach a truly customized solution to your problems.

Legal representation at The Lien Law Firm is a truel attorney-client partnership where you can focus on creating the life you truly want long-term.

Mediation is a process where someone neutral, a mediator, helps you have a conversation and negotiate a solution that is completely unique to you and your situation. Many people choose mediation because it saves time, money, and in most cases, a lot of emotional frustration when compared to litigation.

At The Lien Law Firm, an attorney mediator can help you resolve both legal and non-legal disputes.

Child Custody Mediation

Some counties require parents to complete a 2-hour mediation when there is a case filed in court. This mediation covers all aspects of child custody and visitation.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce includes many elements, including property, debts, and circumstances unique to each couple. Divorce mediation covers all the issues that are not related to child custody.

Family Mediation

Disputes within a family can rise to the level of legal disputes if they are not resolved early and amicably. This is especially true when the disputes involve money. Family mediation allows you to resolve issues before they turn into lawsuits.


The fee for a mediation session is $350. Each session lasts for a maximum of 2 hours. Parties may schedule as many sessions as they need to address all the issues in their case. Payment is due in advance of each session.

Let’s Talk!

Everyone interested in mediation at The Lien Law Firm must complete a pre-mediation intake call with our mediator. Please use the button below to schedule an appointment.