Legal Representation

Legal representation is a true partnership between you and your lawyer.

Legal representation at The Lien Law Firm is a truel attorney-client partnership where you can focus on creating the life you truly want long-term.

We call it an attorney-client partnership.

With legal representation, your lawyer will handle all the administrative aspects of your case. This may include doing paperwork, making phone calls, sending emails, scheduling court dates, doing research, and preparing case strategy. Clients keep in regular contact with their attorney through a confidential client portal where they can exchange messages and share documents. Whenever decisions need to be made about what to do or how to proceed with your case, those decisions will be completely in your hands. Your lawyer will offer her advice, share her experience, and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Do I need legal representation?

Traditional legal representation through an attorney-client partnership may be right for you if any of the following apply:

  • You are overwhelmed by your legal situation
  • You cannot address your situation objectively (this is very common in family law matters)
  • You cannot keep track of paperwork, procedures, and deadlines
  • You made an error in representing yourself and do not know how to fix it
  • You want a professional advocate to be working for you throughout your case

If none of the above apply, then you may be able to represent yourself with the help of pro se coaching instead of hiring a lawyer.

Do I qualify for legal representation at The Lien Law Firm?

You may qualify for representation if you have a legal issue that falls within our practice areas in the State of Missouri. Legal services are not available outside the State of Missouri.

Is legal representation right for me?

Clients like the attorney-client partnership because:

  • They do not have to deal directly with legal paperwork, so there are no fears about confusing language or surprise notices in the mail
  • Their lawyer handles confrontational conversations with judges and other attorneys
  • Having an experienced lawyer means that they do not have to spend time and energy learning routine legal practices
  • They have an advocate who truly gets to know them and their life

Whether or not legal representation is right for you depends entirely upon your goals and what you need to help you succeed.

Legal representation at The Lien Law Firm is billed on either a flat fee (for non-contested cases) or a monthly subscription (for contested cases).

Hourly billing with a retainer may be available on a case-by-case basis. However, we are moving away from this model so that we can provide the best possible service to our clients. You can learn more by reading this blog post.

Let’s Talk!

Everyone considering an attorney-client partnership with The Lien Law Firm must complete a complimentary consultation & case review to determine if we are the right firm for you. Please use the button below or call our office at 314-722-8557 to schedule an appointment.