I’m Back!

I'm Back

I have something bold to say: I get it.

I just got back from almost seven months in India where I went to pick up my daughter. I ended up fighting a third-world court system to finalize her adoption. I fought language barriers, political corruption, legal inconsistencies, and slow government offices. We lived in hotels, and I did it mostly alone since my husband had to work at home. I did all of this in a country I do not call home, with people who knew nothing about me. My law degree was totally useless in that world.

So now, I get it.

I know exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes, hiring a lawyer for a boatload of money with no guarantees that they will even help the situation.

I understand what it’s like to be away from my support system, physically and emotionally, and still present as strong and confident.

I have experienced what it’s like to stare at stacks of paperwork with no idea how to fill it out, then make little errors that throw everything into chaos.

I know what it’s like to be in a place of complete uncertainty, taking care of myself and my toddler, knowing that her entire world rested on my shoulders.

This list could go on and on (and it will). Because now that I’m back, I will share it with you. Not because I want to impress you with my stories, but because I want to impress upon you that I get it.

Some significant changes are coming to this law firm, the first being implementing our new brand: Girl’s Best Lawyer Friend.

Moving forward, I’m not going to be just a lawyer. There is no way I could go back to that way of practice now that I’ve been on your side of the story. Instead, I’m here to help you get through whatever is standing in the way of making your dreams come true. Because when stuff goes wrong, it’s great to have a lawyer friend who knows their stuff.

Here is what you can look forward to in the coming weeks and months:

  • Experience-based blogs and podcasts about all the stuff no one talks about–the feelings, the money, the fears, and everything else associated with taking yourself and your family into the courtroom.
  • A particular line-up of legal services, all on flat fees and subscription rates (that’s right, we’re completely scrapping whatever is left of our hourly fees).
  • A new area of legal services: Adoption
  • Extended consultations and intakes, all at no charge. Because we need time to understand each other before we know if I’m the right lawyer for you.
  • A new charitable initiative that you can personally connect to.

So from now on, when you reach out to my firm, you won’t just be talking to just a lawyer. You’ll be talking to a woman and her team who have been through the trenches you are in and are eagerly waiting to give you a hand up toward success.

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