Kelly R.

Rachna helped me solve every question and problem I had going into the appointment. She put together all of my legal documents, and talked through all problems I had in the 90-minute time frame.

Carmen W.

Rachna was kind, informative, helpful, and respectful of my time and questions. I would recommend her to other business owners who need assistance and representation.

Drew P.

Rachna is great. She explains the options available for dealing with legal situations clearly and comprehensibly, and provides guidance and expertise in selecting the best option and implementing it.

Brady Z.

I sought a way to address this situation with as little risk and inconvenience as possible, and am extremely satisfied with the help and expertise that Rachna was able to provide.

Christa A.

I wish all attorneys were like you.. informing and empowering .. allowing people to regain their sense of strength and worth in a very difficult and demeaning situation. 

Kristy H.

Rachna went the extra mile for me in all areas. Most importantly…… I felt safe.

Kristin S.

Rachna was respectful and yet kept my emotions in check and my eye on the end result. A successful divorce.

Rani J.

“Great response time and overall, The Lien Law Firm exercised professionalism throughout my case.”

Gwen H.

“I cannot thank you enough for taking the time out of your busy schedule in the evening to call [my friend] back tonight… I am the one who searched high and low today to find her a well respected and honest attorney.”

Jill G.

“Everything I read of your organization was inspiring… the world needs more of you to help these women in need!”