On-Demand Coaching

No contracts. No retainers. No obligations.

Just the help you need, right now.

On-demand coaching sessions give you an in-depth meeting with a lawyer to discuss your legal needs and get answers to your most pressing questions. Whether you need help now on a pressing legal issue, or you just want to pick a lawyer’s brain, on-demand coaching gets you the one-on-one time you need.

These sessions are ideal if you plan to represent yourself in court or if you need some guidance before deciding to hire a lawyer. Appointments can be scheduled as soon as next-day, subject to availability.

Information & Goal Setting

Divorce Prep

You may be ready to end your marriage, but are you ready for divorce? The divorce process can surprise you with fees and unexpected requirements if you are not prepared. Work one-on-one with an experienced divorce lawyer to get all the tools you need to be as ready as possible before the papers are filed.

90 minutes | $297

Custody Prep

The truth about child custody and child support may surprise you. With all the incorrect information out there, you need to be very careful about what you say and do to protect yourself and your children. Work one-on-one with an experienced custody lawyer to get all the tools you need to be as ready as possible for a custody battle.

90 minutes | $297

Friends & Family

Do you know someone who needs legal help? An experienced lawyer can help you help your loved ones. Common questions posed by friends and family members include:

  • How to help someone who is experiencing domestic violence
  • Whether you should get involved by providing child care and supervising visitation
  • What to do if someone asks for money to pay legal fees

90 minutes | $297

Goal Setting

You know you want…something, but don’t know what.
You think you need help, but don’t know what kind.

Have a heart-to-heart session with a professional woman who has been there herself and helped hundreds of other women reach their dreams. Our coach is ready to help you map out a plan to get from where you are to where you want to go.

90 minutes | $297

A 60-minute session is free for young adults ages 17-18.

Going To Court

Order of Protection

Orders of protection (aka “restraining orders”) move quickly through court. You have to be ready with all your evidence while carefully considering the long-term safety implications you are facing. Work one-on-one with a lawyer who is highly experienced in domestic violence and sexual abuse cases. She will help you prepare for court the exact same way she prepares to represent clients at these types of hearings.

90 minutes | $297

Family Court

Family Court has deadlines, presumptions, nuances, and rules that must be followed. If you are representing yourself in family court, you can consult with an experienced family law attorney to help at any step of the process.

You can use this session to actively draft documents, pick our lawyer’s brain, or anything else you need.

90 minutes | $297

Designing Your Career

Career Coaching

Many women stay stuck in a job they hate because they think they have no other options for security.

Others start their own business too quickly without really knowing what that lifestyle entails.

Work with an attorney who has experience on both sides to help answer the question: Are you an employee or an entrepreneur?

90 minutes | $297

Resume Review

Let’s be honest: there is tons of advice out there about how to write your resume and cover letter. What employers care about, however, goes far deeper than format and font choice.

Work with a lawyer who has been in the position of an employer herself and learn what she looked for in applications. She has helped countless people from brewers to physicians land their dream jobs.

90 minutes | $297

Start a Business

Starting your business is faster and easier than you may think! In just 90 minutes, our lawyer can help you register your LLC, draft your operating agreement, and start planning for success.

This service is reserved for those starting a single-member LLC in Missouri.

90 minutes | $297

Small Business Consult

You wear a lot of hats in your business! Get spotlight legal help and coaching when you need it. Our lawyer, who is also an experienced entrepreneur, can help you draft an agreement, review a document, or discuss a specific need you have in your small business.

This service is reserved for those running service-based businesses in Missouri.

90 minutes | $297

Personalized Help

Need Help Now?

Need help with something that is not listed here? You can book a private session that will be tailored to your individual needs. Private sessions are meant for issues related to family law and small business matters. If you have another issue to work on, please discuss with our team before booking a session to make sure we can help you.

90 minutes | $297

Not sure what kind of help you need?

Talk to our lawyer directly to see how we can help you.