Need Help Now?

Sometimes, you cannot wait for legal help.

If you need help now, meet with a lawyer at The Lien Law Firm to discuss your legal situation right away, without retainers or contracts.

If you need help now, without lengthy delays or hefty retainers, an on-demand legal coaching session may be right for you.

What is a legal coaching session?

A legal coaching session at The Lien Law Firm is a 90-minute meeting with a lawyer, either in person or virtually, where we focus solely on the problem you want to solve.

What can we do at a coaching session?

The short answer is: anything you want to do!
We can spend your coaching session reviewing documents, drafting pleadings, developing strategy, or doing paperwork. We will do whatever you need a lawyer’s help with during your coaching session.

Is a coaching session right for me?

You can book a legal coaching session as long as you need help with something within any of our firm’s practice areas. Some examples of why past clients have booked coaching sessions include the following:

  • Doing the paperwork to start a business, including registering an LLC
  • Learning how to represent yourself at a hearing for an order of protection (“restraining order”)
  • Reviewing documents that you were recently served with but do not understand
  • Discussing how another attorney has handled your case thus far and getting a second opinion
  • Getting interim legal help while you save up for a full retainer

Schedule your coaching session

Appointments are available immediately. The fee for a 90-minute coaching session is $247. You can schedule your session by clicking on the button below.

What happens next?

Once you book your coaching session, out staff will screen your case for a conflict of interest and make sure it is something we can help you with. If not, we will contact you within 24 business hours to discuss your other options for finding help.

Still not sure if a legal coaching session is right for you?