We have a variety of ways for you to work with a lawyer.

Depending on your specific situation, your need for legal services may be any one of the options below. At The Lien Law Firm, you can choose from a one-time meeting, ongoing coaching, or traditional legal representation. All services are provided by our attorney, ensuring that you get the best service our firm has to offer.

Meet with a lawyer at The Lien Law Firm to discuss your legal situation right away, without retainers or contracts.
Represent yourself in court with confidence by having a legal coach from The Lien Law Firm walk you through each and every step.
Work with a lawyer from The Lien Law Firm in a traditional attorney-client partnership so that you can focus on creating the life you truly want long-term.

On-Demand Coaching

No contracts, retainers, or obligations. Schedule an in-depth meeting with a lawyer to discuss your legal needs and get answers to your most pressing questions. These sessions are ideal if you represent yourself in court or if you just need some guidance without hiring a lawyer.

Pro Se Coaching

No one knows your life better than you do. This makes you the single best advocate for your case. Pro se coaching helps you represent yourself in court with the benefit of an experienced lawyer to answer your questions.

Hire Our Lawyer

Working with a lawyer in an attorney-client partnership is the most traditional setup for legal services. You focus on the day-to-day implementation of solutions while your lawyer handles the administrative requirements with the court and gives you their professional advice about important decisions.

“I have felt overwhelmed and often didn’t know where to turn. These situations cause a lot of stress and anxiety, and scheduling the appointment with The Lien Law Firm was easy. I would recommend to anyone looking for legal advice.”

~ Becky C.

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