Legal Representation

The most common arrangement people have when working with a lawyer is traditional legal representation. At The Lien Law Firm, we see this arrangement as a true partnership between you and your lawyer. We commonly refer to it as an “attorney-client partnership.”

In an attorney-client partnership, your lawyer will handle all the administrative aspects of your case. This may include doing paperwork, making phone calls, sending emails, scheduling court dates, doing research, and preparing case strategy. Clients keep in regular contact with their attorney through a confidential client portal where they can exchange messages and share documents. Whenever decisions need to be made about what to do or how to proceed with your case, those decisions will be completely in your hands. Your lawyer will offer her advice, share her experience, and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Clients like the attorney-client partnership because:

  • It allows them to form a close relationship with their lawyer through regular communication
  • They do not have to deal directly with legal paperwork, so there are no fears about confusing language or surprise notices in the mail
  • Their lawyer handles the confrontational conversations with judges and other attorneys
  • They are not alone when weighing their options and are able to seek legal advice at any time
  • Having an experienced lawyer means that they do not have to spend time and energy learning routine legal things like
  • In many situations, having a lawyer means that certain processes can be more easily expedited or postponed

Traditional legal representation through an attorney-client partnership may be right for you if any of the following apply:

  • You are overwhelmed with all the details of your situation
  • You are unable to address your situation objectively (this is very common in family law matters)
  • You do not have the time to keep track of paperwork, procedures, and deadlines
  • You made an error in representing yourself and do not know how to fix it

If you feel like you need legal help but do not necessarily need legal representation, then legal coaching may be a better option for you.


Fees & Financing

Legal representation at The Lien Law Firm is charged hourly. Clients put down a retainer at the beginning of their case that covers the first 8-10 hours of work. When your retainer account starts to run low, you put down another retainer payment to keep it replenished. At the end of your case, any money left in your retainer account goes back to you. To help with budgeting and cash flow, many clients choose to put money into their retainer account on a regular basis instead of waiting for it to run low. We also accept legal insurance and EAP assistance for legal representation. We are happy to talk with you about fees & financing for your individual situation.


Ready to get started?

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