Legal Coaching

A lawyer’s main job is to bring their knowledge and experience to a situation by answering questions and making recommendations. Many people feel they could adequately represent themselves in court if they had an experienced lawyer helping them in the background. The legal coaching program does just that.

The legal coaching program allows you to represent yourself in a legal situation with the benefit of having a lawyer “on call.” Your lawyer can help draft documents, develop case strategy, collect evidence, and prepare for hearings and trials. When you choose the legal coaching program, you are responsible for doing all the administrative work on your case and representing yourself in court. Your relationship with your lawyer works similarly to that between a doctor and patient – whenever you have a question or need help, you schedule an appointment with your lawyer to address specific issues.

Clients like legal coaching because:

  • There are no retainers or behind-the-scenes billable hours
  • They maintain complete control over how their case is handled
  • They have a lawyer available when they need one, but do not pay for any background work (emails, phone calls, etc.)
  • They feel empowered when representing themselves in court
  • They like the mix of systemic education and one-on-one coaching
  • They get the unique attention they need exactly when they need it

Legal coaching may be right for you if any of the following apply:

  • You want to be your own advocate and just need some help being prepared
  • You are confident representing yourself but need someone knowledgeable to bounce things off of
  • Your case is relatively simple
  • You are looking for general education about the legal system and how it applies to your case
  • You want truly individualized legal help on your own terms
  • You cannot afford traditional legal representation, or need some help while you save up a retainer

If you feel like you cannot represent yourself in court, then legal representation may be a better option for you.


Fees & Financing

To secure your space in our legal coaching program, you must pay a flat fee of $150.00 each month. That fee covers your first one-on-one coaching session each month as well as any bonus trainings and resources that are offered to the entire legal coaching group. An unlimited number of additional coaching sessions are available for you on a pay-as-you-go basis at a reduced hourly rate. Legal coaching requires clients to be able to make payments electronically using a credit or debit card. Legal coaching is not available for clients utilizing legal insurance or employee assistance programs (EAPs).


Ready to get started?

Complete the form below. Once our team screens your case, we will be in touch with a link to register for immediate access to the Legal Coaching Program.

To speak directly with our lawyer about whether legal coaching is right for you, call our office at 314-722-8557 or click here to schedule a complimentary phone consultation.