COVID-19 Emergency Forms

The recent public health crisis with COVID-19 (coronavirus) may require immediate changes to child custody, support, and visitation orders. Because of the unknown nature of the virus and the presence of public panic over its short-term and long-term effects, it is especially important to document any changes you make during this stressful time.

Submit your name and email address below to receive a FREE pack of fill-in-the-blank forms, drafted by our lawyer, that will help you document agreed upon changes to 3 of the most common elements of any parenting plan:

  1. Visitation Schedules
  2. Exchange Locations
  3. Child Support

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Please Note: These forms are intended for your convenience only during an emergency. You should consult with an attorney licensed in your state as soon as possible to determine if these forms are sufficient to cover your legal obligations or if something additional needs to be done. To speak with a Missouri lawyer, call The Lien Law Firm at 314-722-8557 or click here to schedule a FREE Parenting Plan Review Call.